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Life... and Never Ending Story Too

Deeply apologetic for the lack of posts recently. But just to briefly recap my recent happenings:

1. I found a house.
The house is situated a mere 3 minutes drive or 10 minutes walk away from home. Which suits the paracitic urge to leech off my parents should I decide to move in. What is perhaps more exciting is that the owner still needs a resource consent for the garage to bedroom conversion. Yes. What a wanker. If all goes well it will be all mine in March. If not, then I will be immensely pissed off.

Just as a note, I don't think I am ever 'immensely pissed off' as such. Think of what Kramer from Seinfield looked like when he was unsatisfied with lifes' various happenings, I think thats pretty much me when things tick me the wrong way.

2. I got my learners.
Yes. Learners licence. For the motorbike I don't have quite yet. I remain cautious about the whole exercise, which is comforting as I have no inclination to follow the footsteps of humankind: which is essentially finding and inventing new ways of destroying itself. I think having brunch always makes me more philosophical than I really need to be.

Note: it appears that I passed the basic training test with flying colours.
Side note two: Nick, I ran into Doug in AA while I was sitting my learners. You'd be happy to know that I aced the test so you won't be too embarassed by associating yourself with me. Not much anyway. Maybe.

3. I've started going to the gym.
Or the sweaty emporium as I sometimes elegantly put it. The place is attached to Jelly Park swimming pool, and for a simple and somewhat affordable admission fee of $8 I can have access to the gym and the pool in one foul swoop. Perhaps some time is needed in the gym first before I take up the latter offer.

4. I've started cycling again.
After a year off cycling, I've jumped back on my bike. It felt good, if I could ignore my set of aching buttocks. Let me show you what I mean with the following few pictures:



When we send people to the moon, I sure hope they're not sitting on these seats.

Note: the buttocks depicted above are NOT mine.
Side note two: why does statue of liberty look like a guy?


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