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Life... and with all its possible January ruminations...

January was a fine month. People often say 'fine' to lament upon the boring atrocities that might have happened during their day. However in this case, I use 'fine' with sheer respect to Carmen Electra's sultry chest melons and the new Jaguar XKR - hot, fiesty and filled with steamy X-rated adventure to the proverbial brim.

Work is going well. Shakespear would probably compare it to a mid-summers twilight, and gaggle forth some soliloqui about comfort, hope and freedom. With this job, I can actually have a chat to my clients about whatever I want to talk about; whether it be about their job, spouse, or just a leisure banter about their warped dietary habits. Every now and again, I might actually solve their problems. Occassionally there might also be some form of cortical thinking and tea drinking involved in between consultations. And I've discovered something here-in that I've never managed to discover before...

I love tea. If there is a way to get a pseudo-British citizenship by drinking tea, I'm sure I'd be the first person to achieve it. In fact, by the way I'm drinking they'll probably start to put warning labels for pregnant women on the packaging; thats quite an achievement since I'm neither woman, or pregnant. Seriously, here is a lesson for all you coffee drinkers out there - instead of polluting your body with toxic levels of caffine, why not do it with more class and drink tea instead?

Not to be entirely biased, but the women in Christchurch are also more mature, with less issues, and more fun to be around. Somewhere in there I should also probably mention they also present themselves better; not in a British 'oh poor peasant-slave, bring me my gin and tonic' kind of way. But just with a touch more R.F.H. - Relaxed Feminine Hippiness. I think there might also be a touch less facial hair down south as well, but I have not yet conducted a randomised trial to confirm or deny my theories. For the moment, lets just trust my male intuition for now.

So what more can a man ask for really? Besides a wife who just happens to be a Swedish stripper with an executive chefs' degree tucked seductively in her G-string? And which breed of men would not flock to Christchurch for the described sumptious deliciousness of life? If they're lucky, there might just be a lonely bird left before they're all gone...


Christchurch Bachelor

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