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Life... and discovering true love...

I have found true love.

It was Moorhouse Ave on a dreary overcast Tuesday morning. I was ruthlessly devouring a Shell Station steak pie with one hand while drowning my loneliness with Bundaburg Lemon & Lime in the other. Then past the self absorbed hunger, I saw her.

She stood out like an aura of perfection. A gym-going Greek goddess, perfectly poised for smite or pleasure. Others would look upon her and gaze at the amazing Amazon beauty that is before them; a six-foot voluptuous figure with bright beaming eyes and radiating complexion. Her every move spelt elegance, but with a subtly dangerous imposition. She could crush my ego, much like a Boeing 747 could crush an anorexic stick insect in mid-flight. It was love at first sight.

She noticed me looking. My eyes whispered how I wanted her, how I could have her, and how I would make her every breath seem like an exotic get-away. But only if she can behave, just for me.

Her eyes looked back with dire fascination, ones filled with lust and intrigue. She wanted me, and wanted to know more about me. The animal magnetism grew with every closer step. Her body desired a soft voice and a caring hand above fame and fortune. But it would be fame and fortune that could acquire a magnificence such as her.

I walked around her, admiring the sculptured features from the corner of my eye. I blinked, and through the momentary darkness I can see myself running my fingers slowly and softly down her curvaceous body. The moment was exquisite, it was a moment yearned with every sight and sound of the real world.

She was perfect. She was perfect even before I knew she was perfect for me.

I rubbed her with exotic oils until she swooned with a hint of mist in her eyes. Being inside her felt like heaven; the friction cemented our emotions for one another. I could give her a ride to remember, all day and all night until the rest of the world was just one blurred hazy background. Once we get to our destination she would let out a half-restrained scream, and her body would vibrate with an echoing pleasure. I would tell her the truth: I would tell her that I love her, and things couldn't be better. Wanting more, we would lie there with bodies molding as one - resting and dreaming of our next journey together.

The 1997 Isuzu VehiCross is currently on display at Paul Kelly Motor Company, Christchurch. The list price is $16,999. She may scream for you as she did for me, but this is no guarantee.

I think I need a girlfriend - urgently. Though a cold shower may have to come first.


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