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Life... and best wishes with love...

Wayne, a good buddy of mine from school, just had his wedding celebrations in Oamaru last weekend. The venue was at the Burnside Homestead; it is situated in a rather remote location outside of town and surrounded by vast quantities of sheep perched on top of rolling green hills. The weather, whilst not abysmal and did not equate to any biblical plague, did not entertain us with the warm and loving embrace of sun light. Instead it pretended to be a bum and threw some rain clouds over our heads.

The ceremony went well. I took out my video camera for the first time and tried my best to capture the essence of the moment. Unfortunately my artistic qualities only appeared to have equated to a blind, drunk monkey.

Note to self: New kung foo style, the blind drunk monkey.
Another note to self: New dance fad to exploit the unsuspecting populace with, the blind drunk monkey dance. Will make millions.

The bride, groom and the wedding cake:

Wayne, Sharyn and a wedding cake...

Note to self: name for my own romantic comedy, Bride, Groom and the Wedding cake.

The very hospitable Burnside Homestead:

The Burnside homestead...

The obligatory photo of food, with proof of its most delicious quality:

Mmm... Cake!

The obligatory photo of a cute baby (and photographic evidence to prove that Wayne, does indeed, love kids):

Wayne: "Ooo... look at the cute baby!!!"

Best wishes, with lots of love.



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