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Life... and the eternal urge to have my own blog site...

Let the world rejoice! My own blog site! Cue opening speech:

I could start by thanking everyone for visiting and saying how overdue this has been. But I know if I used that as my main topic of discussion, you'd all think I'm a pussy and never come back again. So instead I shall start with an in depth dissection of the site name. As per, the definition of the word 'bachelor' is as follows:

1. an unmarried man.
2. a person who has been awarded a bachelor's degree.
3. a fur seal, esp. a young male, kept from the breeding grounds by the older males.
4. Also called bachelor-at-arms. a young knight who followed the banner of another.
5. Also called household knight. a landless knight.

Wow, what a wealth of learning experience you say. You didn't know about the poor psychologically castrated young seal did you? Worthy of a disney movie really. Anyway, I digress. All definitions are, fortuitously or there lack of, currently quite applicable to my life at the present time; though I am currently working on 3 and 5 at the moment, so neither should be an issue in the future should my plans for world domination comes to fruition. After all, whats life without a gorgeous Swedish farm girl with fake implants at your side, whilst commanding tracks and tracks of land and imposing compulsory revenue from its peasant inhabitants?

Hint of the Day: spell check your blogs. Spelling mistakes corrected = 3

Please also visit should your liberal-thinking tastebuds feel unloved.


Christchurch Bachelor

Ever wanted to gnaw your way into the deep, dark recess of your typical Christchurch Bachelor? Knaw no more my good visitor! For here lies the answer for your every inkling and festering question. Read... for your answers lie within...

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