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Life... and an amnesic concussion to forget...

"Where am I... and why am I lying on my arse?"

I try to open my eyes, but the sudden appearance of new friends called Headache and Nausea convinced me that it was probably a bad idea. I don't think I've had a hangover this bad since I drank my liver to the brink of extinction in my first year of university. I try to get up but the effort is futile. My body appear to be quite adament to just stick itself to the hard, dry, icy snow.

Ah, yes. I must have been snowboarding. Acquiring a mid-week pass... check. Buying a snowboard online... check. The sudden realisation that I cannot remember how I got to Mt Hutt... interesting.

Someone was trying to talk to me. I open my right eye, and it was greeted by a shoulder length blonde-haired girl with kind grey eyes. I wonder if I'm in heaven. I wonder if angels like coffee and supports the crusaders.

She tries to ask me if I am ok. All I could do in my inebriated state was to look around and try to remember where I am. Nothing looks familiar. Buildings, chair-lifts, the five-foot orange sign asking people to slow down, they all appeared totally and entirely foreign. This is probably what being born feels like. She pulls out a radio, she must be telling god how much of an idiot I am. Damn it, I guess that's no coffee.

All of a sudden I am on my feet and walking in slow motion. I could be Ben Affleck boarding the space shuttle in 'Armageddon', but apparently we're going to the medbay instead. For the first time in my life I wanted to be Ben Afflic. My snowboard, goggles and trusty blue beanie are miraculously in her hands. Wow, she is pretty quick with taking my gear off. She must do this fairly often. Apparently I left my goggles and beanie further up the mountain than I had bargained for. I bet that's what she tells all the boys...



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Life... and its most insomniac moments...


Its nearly two in the morning, and I woke up with the distinct impression that I should save the world. Atleast, I woke with enough energy to save the world. But alas, the world outside is asleep, and I'm awake. I'm probably the one whom needs saving right now.

There is jazz in the background, and I've made myself the most geriatric drink of all - Pimms and lemonade on ice. My brain probably just reached the grand age of 82. I should probably get what I've always wanted: the bifocals and hearing aid set from the warehouse. Oh but wait. They're closed.

My eye lids are getting heavy. They finally serve a meaningful purpose. Their rest is now over, time for them to do their job. Hell. They've been hiding away for about 14 hours today already. It would not suprise me to find that I'm the proud owner of the laziest eye lids known to mankind.

I should get something for that. Some sleep maybe.


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